Daisy Trujillo, as a single mother of two, has worked hard to complete the goals she set for herself. Daisy’s goals of Employment Retention and Credit Counseling were completed before 2019. Daisy has been TANF free for many years as she has always maintained a suitable job. In July 2017, Daisy completed Every Dollar has a Job Module through My Financial Academy where she learned to measure her budget and savings. Daisy attended our FSS Conference in September 2018, where she received all the resources to become self- sufficient. She has worked at Frito Lay since May 2018. Daisy enjoys working with this company as she has learned many different duties then her last employer Home Depot. She has worked hard to stay employed and provide for her family.  Daisy has now met all her goals, and graduated from the FSS program. With her escrow savings, Daisy will now be able to become a first time homeowner, and provide a better quality of life for her children.